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Our Group welcomes all those of any ability who have an interest in monochrome photography. We embrace both traditional darkroom and digital practices. Our aim is to provide a friendly forum in which we can show our work, invite constructive criticism and exchange technical advice.

In normal (non-Covid) conditions
we meet at 7:30pm on the third Monday of every month at Siston Village Hall, Gibbs Lane, Siston, Bristol BS16 9LR. See map.

During Lockdown(s)
we hold Zoom meetings starting at 7:30pm on the third Monday of every month. Please click on the programme link above for further details and, if interested, email us (see below) to gain access to the Zoom meetings.

Our annual subscription is £20 (payable each January) plus an additional fee (usually £2) when we host an external speaker. (subscriptions are suspended during corona lockdown)

We look forward to seeing you.

David Bathard - Chairman (
Tony Cooper (


Dungeness Broadwalk
Dungeness Broadwalk by David Bathard as interpreted by Peter Phillips