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Programme 2019.

21 Jan - Happy New Year - Landscape Photography
For many, landscape photography is a dramatic medium made popular by Ansel Adams and often imitated by others. How do we see the landscape? - also your new work is most welcome .

18 Feb - Digital Projection of our Exhibition on a Stick
also bring along any new work

18 Mar - Print Selection
for the "Only Mono"competition to be held in Port Talbot on the 18th May (venue to be confirmed) - also don't forget to bring your new work

15 Apr - One member presents - Tony Cooper will range over a wide range of subjects both in print and as projected images. As part of that presentation he will explain his approach to infrared capture.

18 May - The "Only Mono" Competition in Port Talbot
details will be posted and advised to members in due course

20 May - Compare Mono with Colour
Sometime we say that an image would present better in colour; so let's discuss whether we see better in one medium or the other. So we can compare, bring a large mono print together with a small colour print of the same subject - also don't forget to bring any new work

17 Jun - Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB
Les has helped many of us in our own photographic development and is known to many more of you as a superb photographer. He will introduce new work in "A Monochrome Presentation"


Abandoned Terrace by Tony Cooper ARPS, AWPF