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Programme 2020.

20 Jan - What projects do you have ?
Have you have a special project in Monochrome in this last year or this year to come, could it have been a distinction of some kind (PAGB or RPS)? What about a private endeavour that you did in monochrome or simply a set of prints that hang well together. Whatever you have let's see it.
New work is welcome.

17 Feb - A new take on an old theme?
How many times have we found ourselves photographing the same old thing in the same old way? Perhaps a new or different approach is needed or even a new style may be developed then if you have something of the above, then show us. - also don't forget to bring any new work

16 Mar - Print Selection
for the "Only Mono"competition to be held in Port Talbot on the 16th May (venue to be confirmed) - also don't forget to bring your new work

20 Apr - David Lingham FRPS A Darkroom Print Presentation
We are delighted to welcome David who has for many years kept the faith of a true darkroom worker.

16 May - The "Only Mono" Competition in Port Talbot
details will be posted and advised to members in due course

15 June - We critique Cymru Monochrome's prints

20 Jul - Cotswold Monochrome Group
We welcome five members presenting their work including, hopefully, darkroom prints by Alan Stringer

17 Aug - Three of a Kind
Sometimes we find that to say something clearly with images we need to use more than one image. With this in mind members are asked to bring three images as either as Photo Essay or a short series to depict something of interest to them. Other new work welcome.


Abandoned Terrace by Tony Cooper ARPS, AWPF