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Programme 2019.

21 Jan - Happy New Year - Landscape Photography
For many, landscape photography is a dramatic medium made popular by Ansel Adams and often imitated by others. How do we see the landscape? - also your new work is most welcome .

18 Feb - Digital Projection of our Exhibition on a Stick
also bring along any new work

18 Mar - Print Selection
for the "Only Mono"competition to be held in Port Talbot on the 18th May (venue to be confirmed) - also don't forget to bring your new work

15 Apr - One member presents - Tony Cooper will range over a wide range of subjects both in print and as projected images. As part of that presentation he will explain his approach to infrared capture.

18 May - The "Only Mono" Competition in Port Talbot
details will be posted and advised to members in due course

20 May - Compare Mono with Colour
Sometime we say that an image would present better in colour; so let's discuss whether we see better in one medium or the other. So we can compare, bring a large mono print together with a small colour print of the same subject - also don't forget to bring any new work

17 Jun - Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB
Les has helped many of us in our own photographic development and is known to many more of you as a superb photographer. He will introduce new work in "A Monochrome Presentation"

15 Jul - Print Challenge
Members can download other member's images deposited in Crown's Dropbox and print their own interpretation. Also new work welcome.

19 August - Street & Travel Photography
Whereas Travel Photography has been mainly a colour medium, Street Photography, which is increasing in popularity, has largely been the domain of monochrome. Let us see how well you interpret both these subjects. Remember to also bring new work

16 Sep - Leigh Preston FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB
We are priviledged to have an evening with Leigh who is known for his outstanding photgraphy.

21 Oct - My wonderful year of Monochrome Photography
This is your chance to show many of your favourite prints from this past year or so. Images that we might not have seen before.

18 Nov - Projected Monochrome
Projected monochrome images by members on any subject. Bring jpgs and show us what inspires you or demonstrates special techniques which you can share with other members .


Abandoned Terrace by Tony Cooper ARPS, AWPF